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The life of a star

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Astrollytelling is an initiative of Fernando Becerra with the objective of bringing together astronomy and scrollytelling. Scrollytelling, as well as storytelling in general, has gained huge popularity in the last years, especially in journalism. It is used as a way to tell visual stories step by step by simply scrolling down a webpage. In this project we have adapted this technique to explain basic astronomy concepts and ideas. Originally aimed to undergrad and grad students, this visualization tool is also useful for any astronomy enthusiast who wants to learn more about the science we do.

This work could not have been possible without the help of fellow astronomy grad student Jieun Choi. The website was built using Bootstrap, Grayscale, and D3.js, and the code for the constellations on the homepage has been adapted from Елена Ерохина’s Block. Did you notice that different constellations are shown every time you refresh the webpage?